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Is your workflow process getting the best of you? Are you suffering from inbox overwhelm? Do you feel like you do nothing but chase after your tasks because your juggling too much?

  • Imagine: A zero inbox everyday when you leave work.
  • Imagine: Never searching for digital items again.
  • Imagine: Never having to hack another password.
  • Imagine: A process where your customers can: 

→Make a purchase or pay before confirming an appointment
→ the information funnels to your CRM
→ AND your bookkeeping software
→ or it could even set up a virtual meeting … ALL simultaneously.

You. Never. Touch. It. 

This is a subject near and dear to me. As an entrepreneur, I understand what it means to wear ALL the hats. It took me a lot of years to put the right tools for me into play, so I now spend more time providing good service, and making money and less time managing the administrative crap that comes with it. Being a bean counter was never a goal of mine. Ever.

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The Methodology

  1. We’ll meet virtually to talk about what you need and break it into bite size portions you can manage and implement.
  2. We’ll determine what your most overwhelming process is and work our way down to the least overwhelming.
  3. Then we’ll go to work and figure out your process strategy to help automate things and free up time. Are you phone oriented, email oriented, PC/laptop oriented? Which physical tool is the first tool you reach for?

Remember, your only as good as your worst process.   Stop wasting time and learn how to use tools that will make working FUN. 

Best tip I have – If the tool isn’t working, learn to use it right, or find a new tool. 

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