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Your Order Has Been Received.... so now what?

  1. Check your email
    • If there is no receipt, check your SPAM or Junk Folder and create a filter that whitelists @jackpine.design and @jackpine.support
    • If the email is there, cool! You just need to watch your email for additional communications.
  2. You should receive a second email within a few minutes of the first from the support desk with your support ticket information regarding this transaction. That email carries the direct link to the ticket for this transaction. You can reply to that email or log in to the support desk by clicking the link.
  3. Watch your email for ticket updates.
    • We will generate your policy with the information you provided.
    • We will install that policy on your website.
    • We will then reply to the ticket and include a link for you to review the policy for the final approval.
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