Emergency Services next steps

First, I’d like to say thank you for entrusting me and I’ll do my best to get things back in working order. This support request ensures your site will receive top priority in the support queue.

Second, you should be receiving an email from MailChimp asking for an opt-in confirmation. I don’t send out information unless it is relevant to you. 

  1. Please approve that email.
  2. I ask that you also add [email protected] to your contacts or address book.
  3. An emergency support ticket was automatically created on your behalf, and you should be receiving a confirmation of that as well with full ticket details.

Thing’s you need to know:

  1. Sometimes things are not a quick or easy fix. It might take an hour to fix, it might take a few days to fix, or it might not be fixable at all. Please know that I will document all the steps I have taken to resolve the issue in your final report.
  2. Sometimes, it is a matter of restoring a backup… IF one exists.  This is a lesson website owners only ever learn once. Backups are important and you will take the needed steps to ensure backups will now be part of your online protocol.
  3. If a backup does not exist, there usually is an archived record of the site living at https://web.archive.org/. This record may be complete or partially complete, but most likely it will be outdated. It’s only a stepping stone to recovering some if not all of the original content.

Emergency Services FAQ's

If your site can’t be recovered or fixed, I will make recommendations for the next steps. Usually, it will mean a rebuild. If it does mean a rebuild, any monies paid here will be put towards that rebuild should you decide to work with me.

Sometimes the cause is determinable, sometimes it is not. Common causes of issues are outdated software and plugins, malware, hacking,  unstable version update, plugin conflict… so many things. I’ll do my very best to fix it though. 

Many people think of websites as something that doesn’t require too much attention. I tell clients that a website is like a car… sooner or later it’s going to need attention under the hood. 

We would put you into our process for a rebuild and then a lot of that will hinge on the push/pull process of content. Clients who are ready to go are live within two to four weeks.

If it is a really large site, it could be extended well beyond that.

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