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Why do you need professional website services? Consider the following:

  1. 30% of consumers won’t consider a business without a website.1,2
  2. 97% of your consumers go online to find and research your business before actually engaging you.1
  3. Almost half of internet e-consumers (46%) say a website is the biggest determinant of whether they trust a company and is based upon design, layout, and typography. 3 
  4. Three-fourths (75%) of consumers say the quality of a product image is ESSENTIAL in selecting and purchasing products online. For service-based businesses, a website IS your product. 4
  5. It can help you to effectively compete with the Goliath’s in your industry.
  6. Social Media reach is diminishing. Fewer businesses are marketing via social media outlets.
  7. A single bad experience with a website makes users 88% less likely to visit the site again.

Can’t afford it?

1 Local Search Association, 2 Yelp, 3 Stanford, 4 e-tailing Group and Oracle

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