Hi. My name is Karen and I'm a freelance web designer helping businesses tell their story on the web. I like design of any kind. Working with digital layout for print, graphics design, web design, and WordPress is what I dig most.
And in a weird kinda way ... I like to troubleshoot too.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on what is meant by “protected”…

If your site was built by me, you have, at the very least, the basics in place:

  • SSL certificate installed
  • Security software installed
  • CDN configured

If I didn’t build your site, then it’s questionable.  How do you know? The first thing is to look for the https:// protocol in your domain URL. If that’s not existing, then it’s a safe bet the security software and CDN are not in place either.

With WordPress currently powering over 39.6% of all websites, there is no doubt about its dominance as the software of choice for designing and developing sites. As that market share continues to increase today, the long-term dominance of WordPress is all but assured.

On a Care Plan, we’ll install security software on your site that will protect your site assets. From hiding the login page to scanning for malware to CDN configuration. In short – you’ll be covered.

When I build sites, three things are NOT an option, and are required as part of your build:
|☆| Back-up software
|☆| Off-server back-up storage
|☆| Security software

You and I will determine at build how often you need your site backup schedule to run and how many copies we’ll store on the repository.

Looking after and maintaining your website yourself will only cost you your time, right? Well, it could end up costing you more money than you think. Apart from having to pay for premium security and backup software to keeping your site healthy, do you know which plugins you need to update and when? Just updating a plugin because your dashboard suggests it is not reason enough to just click the update button. What if the update is not compatible with other plugins installed on your site? Would you know how to revert back to a previous version of the plugin without using an entire site backup? Would you know how to engage support for the installed plugin? And if you do, would understand the geek-i-nese blasted back at you?

To fix these issues you would need the help of a technical professional and that could set you back hundreds of dollars just to get you back to where you started. It’s worth noting that it costs more to fix a website than it does to maintain it properly and you should also be aware that updates are released at least weekly if not daily.

No client should be expected to know everything about website management not to mention all the ins and outs of web standards and internet law. From SSL certificates, privacy policy laws, and website optimization and security, I’ll handle it.

The short answer is yes. 

The long answer is – if you’re on a care plan and I built the site, I’ll have the back-up to restore it to get you back up and running free of charge. If you’re not on a Care Plan,  prior to the hack, but are an existing client, it will cost a good sum of money to get it working again (I’ll have a back up in your repository.) There might be some information loss in the restoration process, but it shouldn’t mean a whole new build-out. YIKES! 

If you are not an existing client, and I did NOT build the site… well… I just won’t know until I look at it via back-end and on the server. So no guarantees, but I’ll do my best. 

If I built your website, and it was part of your project build, I would have installed an analytics script on your site and provided off-site elements to that process.

If I did not build your site, I can’t speak to it. I would have to look further at the site.

You might need a car plan if:

|☆| You’re tired of not knowing what you’re doing
|☆| Too much to know, too little time
|☆| You don’t speak geek-i-nese
|☆| Some things are just better when left to the professionals
|☆| You’re not tech savvy enough to manage it and you don’t want to be

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